Direttore: Prof. Francesco Stella - centrostudicomparati@libero.it

Collana "Scrittori latini dell'Europa Medievale" -

Latin Authors of Medieval Europe

Approved and funded by the European Commission- Culture 2000 Programme. Awarded 2011 with Menzione Speciale by the Premio Monselice (to E. Bartoli for the Otia imperialia) and  the Menzone Speciale by the Premio Internazionale Cecco d'Ascoli (to F. Stella, for the whole series).

The new translation series of the "Center for Comparative Studies I Deug-Su", medievalist section. Pacini Editore, Ospedaletto (Pisa), directed by Francesco Stella and funded by CULTURE 2000 Programme of the European Commission.

EINHARD, Translatio Marcellini et Petri. A history of discovery, theft, and stealing of relics in the Carolingian empire, ed. by F. Stella and Carlos Pérez González (september 2009)

Ysengrimus, book I. The major animal epic of the Latin Middle Ages, translated by F. Stella (september 2009)

GERVAIS of TILBURY, Otia imperialia book III (Mirabilia. The Wonders), translated and annotated by Elisabetta Bartoli (october 2009)

WALAHFRID STRABO, Visio Wettini. The first poetical journey in the otherworld, edited, translated and commented by Francesco Stella (october 2009)

GUIDO OF AREZZO, Liber mitis (The book of the phisician), ed., translated and commented by Pierluigi Licciardello, in collaboration with Konrad Goehl (november 2009)

GERI OF AREZZO, Letters and fragments of the first Tuscan humanist, edited, translated and commented by Claudia Cenni (november 2009)

CARMINA CANTABRIGIENSIA. The first major collection of Latin poems, edited and translated by Francesco Lo Monaco (january 2010)

PIETRO ALFONSI, Disciplina clericalis. A novel collection in XI century, translated by Edoardo D'Angelo (january 2010)

GESTA BERENGARII, An historical poem on the XI century Italy, translated and commented by Francesco Stella (february 2010), with an introduction by Giuseppe Albertoni

 ABBONE DI SAINT-GERMAIN, L'assedio di Parigi, forthcoming 2012, transl. by A. Manzuoli.